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Here at Comfort Services, Inc., we offer Home Performance evaluations by ENERGY STAR®. This is an evaluation providing a whole-house solution for you if you experience high energy bills and comfort issues in your home. Our highly qualified and trained specialists will perform a comprehensive home assessment on your home, pinpointing areas of potential improvement for higher comfort and efficiency.

What Is Involved?

During a Home Performance evaluation, our BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals conduct a comprehensive assessment of your Aberdeen, NC home.

An ENERGY STAR Home Performance evaluation goes above and beyond typical energy audit programs. Our assessment includes your home’s heating and cooling system, windows, insulation, flow of air into and out of your house, as well as a safety check of any gas or oil appliances.

Following the evaluation, we present you with solutions to address high energy bills and to fix comfort problems. From there, we will design a plan to help you remedy the problems we noted.

Keep in mind all the components in your home work together to bring you the level of comfort you expect in your North Carolina home. Each part affects another, so although addressing one part is a good start, you will realize optimal results when you consider all the parts together.

If you only purchase a new, high-efficiency heat pump but neglect to do anything about your windows that are leaking energy, all your conditioned air—both heated and cooled—will seep through those leaks and can’t effectively affect your comfort level. And you will still be paying those high energy bills.

How Can This Help Me?

Scheduling a Home Performance evaluation with our knowledgeable and experienced team will improve the quality of living in your home. Once your are aware of any existing heating and cooling losses in your home, you can repair them and gain several benefits.

In addition to experiencing greater comfort in your home, your repair, replacement, and maintenance costs will be lower. Having your systems working at their highest efficiency reduces your unexpected repairs and lengthens their life spans.

Your indoor air quality typically goes up, since working systems can work competently to eliminate indoor pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust, mold, debris, bacteria, and dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and radon. One of the purposes of a properly maintained HVAC system is to assist in improving your indoor air quality. With poor air quality, your health is negatively affected, succumbing to chronic illnesses and even serious diseases like cancer and heart disease.

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“Beginning to end: superior service. Starting with Lisa and Reedie, all aspects of services offered ere explained in full in a professional and congenial manner. We never had the feeling of being “up-sold” but regather attention was given to our priorities and budget. We had complete duct work replacement, attic space repair and insulation plus fresh air system. The teams were efficient, professional and courteous at all times and that means a lot to us. The final analysis was completed by Reedie, fixes needed were identified and the work was completed on schedule with the same level of professionalism. All involved are highly recommended.” – David M.
- David M.

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