Commercial Maintenance


Not every Pinehurst, NC business is savvy about preventative maintenance on their commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Foregoing regular inspections, tune-ups, and cleaning can be a very costly mistake. Without these routine visits, your system will run less efficiently, require more repairs, and have a shortened life span.

Commercial Preventative Maintenance Program

When you participate in our Comfort Services commercial preventative maintenance program, you are taking a large proactive step to protect your investment. Our North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified professionals will service your system on a regular basis to help you avoid breakdowns and general problems.

At Comfort Services, we will create a custom maintenance plan specifically for your company’s needs. Some systems require more frequent visits due to their age or temperament while others simply require quarterly visits. When we are designing your maintenance plan with you, we will establish how often our experts will visit your business, which equipment we will address, what requirements your equipment has, and if our visiting commercial professional will review any maintenance issues with you immediately following your appointment. With this type of plan, nothing is left to chance, and you will always know exactly what to expect from us.

Our Program’s Advantages

No matter what type of commercial heating and cooling system you may have, indoors or outdoors or a combination of both, our highly trained commercial professionals have the valuable expertise to maintain it all.

With regular maintenance, you will save money over the long run. Keeping your equipment in optimal condition aids you in avoiding unexpected costly repairs. Our professionals will know your system well after servicing it time and time again. With this type of familiarity, we notice issues as they arise and before they become a problem. This is a cost savings for your business.

Another advantage to our commercial maintenance program is lower energy costs. When we regularly inspect and clean your heating and cooling system, it continues to run at its highest efficiency, thereby saving you energy and money.

All this good attention to your system promotes a longer life span as well. When your system continues to need repairs and to collect dirt and debris internally, your system can’t operate as it should. It’s stressed, and this shortens its life. Regular professional maintenance can circumvent this and give your system a long lease on its life.

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