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Here in Aberdeen, NC, we love our air conditioning. Why? Because when things get hot outdoors, everything feels better in the cool comfort of our homes. At Comfort Services, Inc., we can help you stay cool with a new air conditioner, a repair to your current home system, or regular maintenance on your cooling system.

Air Conditioning Installations or Replacements

There comes a time in every air conditioner’s life when a repair is no longer the answer. At that juncture, our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals can design and install a new high-efficiency system for you.

Our North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified experts are highly trained and experienced, bringing only the best in cooling to you. We carry the top brands in air conditioners providing you with peace of mind your investment will last. And we only work with high-quality materials to match the high value of our equipment, so you know both will perform for the duration.

When it comes time to install a new air conditioner, whether it’s a replacement or a brand-new installation, our installing team is both respectful and efficient. We treat your home with courtesy and work as quickly as possible. Our team knows you want to return to your everyday lifestyle to enjoy the maximum level of comfort in your home. Having our proficient installation team on your project will ensure that for you.

How Much Money Can a New Air Conditioner Save You?

Our SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2) energy savings calculator can help determine how much you could save on your utility bills. Simply enter your current unit’s SEER value and compare it to a newer, more efficient SEER2 unit. You can even customize it to better match your home’s system for a more accurate calculation.

SEER2 Energy Savings Calculator

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Annual Cost
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Annual Cost

Estimated 15-Year Savings:*
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{{ year }} {{ state }} average residential electricity retail price of {{ price }}¢/kWH**.
*Based on an average annual utility rate increase of {{ avgUtilityIncrease }}%.

This calculator does not guarantee actual costs or savings and is only to be used for educational purposes.

Customize to Your Home

Adjust these settings for a more accurate calculation:




Rate (¢/kWH)


Average Annual Cooling Hours***

Historical Comparison

{{ state }}'s electricity prices compared to {{ yearFifteenYearsAgo }}.

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{{ priceFifteenYearsAgo }}¢/kWH

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{{ price }}¢/kWH

** Data from U.S. Energy Information Administration
*** Data from 2002 EPA study

** Data for Canadian cities from
*** Data from

Air Conditioning Repairs

When your air conditioner is not working as efficiently as it should, is making unusual noises, is freezing up, or simply will not cool your North Carolina home at all, it’s time to call Comfort Services to take a look. Our cooling professionals will investigate and address the problem in no time, as our experts service all makes and models.

We continue with our HVAC education on a regular basis to stay on top of the newest technologies, techniques, and equipment. Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us, and remaining abreast of the industry’s advances helps us to ensure we can meet for you all three every time.

If you find yourself needing an emergency repair during off hours, know we are available to you for any emergency 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We would never leave you when you need us most.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Taking the care to professionally maintain your air conditioning system on a regular basis saves you money and aggravation over the long term. Our HVAC team will come out in the spring, before you use your system for the first time in the season, to inspect, tune up, and clean the equipment. We want to be sure it’s running at high efficiency and at its best to give you the best cooling experience you expect.

Regularly maintaining your system also affects its performance over time, lowering your energy costs. It helps to prevent breakdowns and increases its life. Call and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members to see how we could set up regular maintenance on your air conditioner.

Contact Comfort Services for All Your Cooling Needs

When you need an expert for your air conditioning system, you need Comfort Services here in the Aberdeen, NC, area. We will help you with whatever you may require. Call us at 910-695-2665 or request service online today. We are here for you.

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“We had a fantastic experience with Comfort Services Inc and their technician, Michael. 🌟 As fellow veterans, we appreciated the camaraderie. 🇺🇸

Michael’s professionalism and HVAC expertise were top-notch. He explained everything clearly, and the pricing was fair. 💼🔧 We’re thrilled to have a working AC again, especially in this extended summer heat. ❄️☀️

We highly recommend Comfort Services Inc and Michael for homeowners in need of professional and timely HVAC service. 👍
Thank you for your outstanding service and for your military service, too. 🙏”

– Julia F.

- Julia F.

“Todd- I want to thank you and your team. They did a great job on my installation. Very professional ,clean and courteous. We are very happy customers. Your company will be recommended by my wife and myself. Please share my thoughts with Lisa also.”

– John W.

- John W.

“Very quick in replacing a very hard place to replace an air handler. The installation guys had to cut the old air handler and take it down in pieces, so in turn had to disassemble the new huge air handler and rebuild it in a hot attic. I know how warm( hot) it can get in the attic. Very professional, keep the work are clean. When they left, could not tell they had been there. Unit is working great!!”

– Ben R.

- Ben R.

“We have been working with Comfort Services for almost 15 years and have been happy ever since. Lisa took our all provided courteous, professional, and timely referral to Reedie Ward. Reedie arrived at the agreed upon time and did a very thorough evaluation of the space that needed conditioned air as well as the status of the unit, duct work, and insulation. Reedie knows his stuff. He never talked over me or tried to baffle me with BS. The dialogue with Reedie was honest, direct, and timely. He did not try to corner us into picking one particular unit or plan. He gave us options. After a brief discussion, we decided on a plan. The option for 72 months 0% financing makes a good plan great. In only a couple of days they returned to install the unit. Esteban and Joseph were very courteous and professional. When they came across and hurdle or friction point, they handled it with ease. When they determined that the air handler outside would not fit through some of the hallways, Reedie showed up immediately and arranged for a crane to lift it to the second floor that day. After installation, Esteban and Joel did a wonderful job of cleaning up. I was so impressed with their work, that I coordinated with Reedie and Lisa the next day to have my attic insulated and a cat walk placed. You can read that in my next comment.”

– Jim C.

- Jim C.

“Mr. Alfaro conducted my semi-annual service, found an issue, and corrected the problem. He was professional, courteous, and followed COVID19 safety guidelines. He is an asset to your team. Thank you for the excellent service your company has always provided.”

– Marie C.

- Marie C.

“Worked with the Comfort Services team once again to purchase a Carrier mini-split system and have it installed in a sunroom addition to our home. Am once again very pleased with the sales transaction with Reedie and Lisa and the careful, clean and very professional installation by Tyler and Caleb. I certainly recommend them highly. Thank you all.”

– Mike H.

- Mike H.

“Michael was excellent in doing the repairs. He actually was able to identify the problem as I described it to him. He was very thorough and when he did not have the part he needed, rather than put in something that was close to the item, he called and had the correct one brought in. He actually solved the problem on both of my air conditioning units. I would highly recommend Comfort Services to everyone.”

– William B.

- William B.

Comfort Services, Inc., proudly provides HVAC service to Aberdeen, Jackson Springs, Pinebluff, Pinehurst, Raeford, Southern Pines, Vass, West End, Whispering Pines, and the surrounding North Carolina communities. Visit our service area page for more coverage details, call us at 910-695-2665, or request service online today.