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Commercial AC and Heating Services in Aberdeen, NC – Contact Us!

Business owners, developers and facilities administrators face many challenges in managing their heating and cooling resources. For any commercial HVAC requirement, it is important to choose a contractor with the knowledge and experience required to address every aspect of commercial HVAC installation, repair and maintenance.

Commercial Equipment Installation

The heating and cooling loads in a commercial building can fluctuate substantially depending on the occupancy rate, weather conditions and internally generated process heat. At Comfort Services, we run comprehensive load calculations to determine the building’s precise capacity requirements before we offer an equipment recommendation.

In the installation phase of the job, our mechanics install the ductwork according to ACCA Manual D standards to ensure that the performance of the system does not vary between the air handler and the diffuser. After charging the equipment with refrigerant, we verify that every installed heating and air conditioning appliance is performing to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Commercial Repair Services

HVAC contractors that service light commercial equipment recognize the time sensitive nature of an unexpected malfunction. At Comfort Services, our factory trained and NATE certified technicians have a superior understanding of the commercial refrigeration cycle. This includes an ability to address negative pressure issues and adjust make-up air and economizer units for optimal performance.

For many businesses, an HVAC equipment malfunction can adversely impact sales, client comfort and employee productivity. In a residential application, the emphasis is on occupant comfort and safety, but commercial heating and cooling equipment is often an essential component in a company’s manufacturing processes. In emergency situations, our commercial AC services can quickly restore complete system functionality.

Preventive Maintenance

In business, the uninterrupted operation of a reliable HVAC system is essential for maximizing productivity and continuing regular daily functions. A commercial maintenance agreement provides a variety of periodic cooling and heating services designed to improve system performance and reduce the likelihood of an unexpected breakdown.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

  • Confirm the refrigerant charge
  • Clean and inspect the condensate pan
  • Inspect the condensate lines and clear obstructions
  • Clean the coils
  • Air balance the registers
  • Confirm compressor operation
  • Clean the cabinets and remove debris
  • Lubricate motors and other appropriate parts
  • Comb the aluminum coil fins where necessary
  • Recalibrate the thermostat and set programmables where necessary
  • Check the electrical connections
  • Test blower, fan motor, defrost controls and contactor
  • Test for continuity across the motors
  • Test for temperature drop across the coil

Commercial Heating Services

  • Inspect the heat exchanger for possible cracks
  • Adjust gas burners for efficient combustion
  • Calibrate the blower assembly
  • Adjust the gas ignition system
  • Examine and test the flue pipe for proper exhausting
  • Test and adjust the pressure of the gas to the unit
  • Change disposable filters

Complete Commercial Services

Business owners and facilities managers in Moore County, N.C., are encouraged to contact Comfort Services for any commercial HVAC requirement. Our goal is to help our commercial customers keep their heating and cooling equipment operating reliably and economically through many heating and cooling seasons.

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