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Carrier Heating & Cooling

Why Has Your A/C Tripped the Circuit Breaker?

  • July 26, 2015

During an especially hot day in the Aberdeen area, it's not uncommon for an air conditioner to trip the breaker, especially as it starts. In most cases, it's not a sign of a problem but a reaction to the increased load on the system, and simply resetting the breaker will get it working again. But if your A/C is tripping the circuit breaker frequently, it may indicate a serious system problem.

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Fan On vs Auto: How to Pick the Right One When Setting Your Thermostat

  • June 29, 2015

Most thermostats have two fan settings: “on” and “auto.” Which is the best option for comfort and energy savings when setting your thermostat? Learn the pros and cons to help you decide.

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Is Your Home’s Ductwork Asking for a Professional Cleaning?

  • May 23, 2015

Because ducts are sealed and often pass through inaccessible areas of your home, it can be difficult to tell what’s going on inside them. Dust and other pollutants can build up inside and be carried throughout your home, which can impact your health. Debris can also build up inside the ducts, blocking airflow to parts of your home. Duct cleaning can tackle those issues and make your home’s indoor air healthy again.

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Are These 5 Common Allergy Triggers Prevalent in Your Home?

  • April 22, 2015

If someone in your family has asthma or allergies, make your Aberdeen area home more comfortable by eliminating common allergy triggers or reducing exposure. Here are some of the most common in-home allergens and tips to reduce them.

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3 Ways You’ll Benefit from Using a NATE Certified Technician

  • March 15, 2015

The heating and cooling systems in our homes are essential if we want to maintain a healthy comfort level. Who we choose to service that equipment is equally as important. If you want the very best in service, you must put your trust into a NATE certified technician. Doing so will yield you three important benefits:

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