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Heat Pump Sizing is Key: ‘Rule of Thumb’ Doesn’t Cut It

  • September 23, 2013

Selecting a new heat pump heating and cooling system for your home is a major investment, so it is important to ensure a successful outcome by selecting and installing a model that will work for your home over the long term. For a system that runs efficiently and keeps your home comfortable for many years to come, heat pump sizing is key.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?
Heat pumps are extremely efficient, as they simply move thermal energy from one place to another, depending on the weather and your needs. In the summer, heat and humidity from inside your home is pumped outside. In the winter, heat from the outside is pumped inside.

Heat Pump Sizing
Heat pump sizing is key to optimum performance. Under-sized heat pumps cannot keep up with cooling and heating demands throughout the year. Over-sized heat pumps have higher up-front costs, and depending on the size and configuration, often cost more to run. In addition, over-sized systems do not run long enough in the summer to remove humidity from your home.

Controlling Humidity Through Proper Heat Pump Sizing

  • Cooling mode: Cooled air cannot hold as much water as warm air, allowing heat pumps to condense water out of the air to drain it away.
  • Dry/dehumidifying mode: A heat pump will cycle between cooling and heating to keep your home at a constant temperature, again extracting water as part of the cooling cycle.
  • Heating mode: Heat pumps lower relative humidity, or the percent of humidity in the air, as they warm your home.

Professional Heat Pump Sizing
A professional will not size your heat pump using a rule of thumb, they will perform an HVAC load calculation considering such factors as:

  • Winter and summer outdoor temperatures
  • Preferred indoor temperatures
  • Relative humidity
  • Orientation
  • Square footage
  • Number of rooms
  • Windows
  • Heat loss and heat gain

To ensure heat pump sizing in your home is performed correctly, contact the professionals at Comfort Services. We serve Aberdeen, Southern Pines, Pinehurst, Sanford, Laurinburg, Whispering Pines and surrounding areas.