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4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Increase Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

  • August 19, 2015

eco-friendly indoor air quality

There are countless benefits to improving your home’s indoor air quality, from cutting down on dust to reducing major allergens. With volatile chemicals, pet dander, and mildew taking up residence in your home, indoor air pollution is often worse than the pollution found outside. This is even true in Aberdeen, North Carolina. If you’re looking for eco-friendly solutions to boost your indoor air quality, implement the following for immediate results.

1. Clean Often, Using Proper Techniques

Putting off chores is tempting, but not having a regular cleaning schedule can cause irritants and allergens to build up. Even worse, chemical cleaners put out harmful vapors that only add to the problem. Using non-toxic, unscented products is key. In addition to cleaning regularly, always use a vacuum cleaner that has an HEPA filter and dust with a damp cloth instead of a dry feather duster.

2. Tackle Pet Dander

Some breeds shed more than others, making it seem impossible to keep pet hair and dander at bay. One solution is to have your dog regularly bathed and groomed. Cats keep themselves clean, but failing to scoop the litter box at least once a day can result in excessive ammonia in the air. Disinfect your cat’s litter box and wash all pet bedding frequently.

3. Allow the Air to Circulate

Opening the windows not only lets in fresh air, but it’s also one of the best ways to reduce your utility bill. North Carolina summers can be hot, but opening the windows in the early morning and late evening provides circulation and often a nice breeze. During the heat of midday, keep overhead fans running for a similar effect.

4. Opt for a New Eco-Friendly HVAC

An outdated HVAC system may not have the proper ventilation necessary to cut down on indoor pollutants. Modern HVAC products are designed to purify the air, but they should be used and cared for properly. This means replacing air filters each month and having a professional HVAC cleaning and inspection annually.

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